R3 is the creative group of Direct Agents. We deliver incredible user experiences optimized for all devices and platforms based upon UX, Visual Design and Development best practices. Our designs are backed by our commitment to drive ongoing improvements with testing and creative optimization to support our client’s individual needs. Please view our creative reel and client work and contact us with your project requirements.

  • Responsive Design

    One Design, Many Faces

    Responsive design is the James Bond of digital - a master of disguise, able to adapt to nearly any situation, effortlessly suave, while simultaneously being a ruthless agent for domination.

    Responsive design uses dynamic layouts, engaging images and adaptive code to adjust the user experience based on the users' screen size and orientation. At R3, we're committed to planning and building customized experiences utilizing responsive design to effectively connect with your audience on any device.

  • Responsive Design for websites and more

    Modern frameworks such as bootstrap and coding techniques like media queries allow customized Responsive design sites to give site visitors the best user experience.

    The success of your campaigns often depends on an effective landing page. Responsive Design provides a user experience that doesn't miss a beat on any device.

    Over 44% of email opens occur on mobile devices. Using responsive design techniques like Media Queries, R3 can ensure your message is received clearly.

  • Testing & Optimization

    Optimizing your content to deliver maximum results can be very challenging within any organization. With different team members each passionate about different areas, testing new content and designs can seem a daunting task. A well managed optimization program solves this problem by allowing your users to decide which elements are key to driving improved results.

    R3 offers a suite of solutions to optimize your landing pages, conversion funnel and even your app. Our optimization plans include development of a custom test plan, design and production of all test graphics and copy plus ongoing consulting and reporting throughout.

  • Optimization and testing services

    R3 provides A/B split testing and Multivariate (MVT) testing services. All landing page optimization clients receive a consult with a custom test plan analysis and reporting.

    App testing, optimization and reporting are performed to ensure in app purchases and leads can continue to be optimized even after an app is deployed.

    A complete analysis of your registration and/or order process is conducted to identify issues and reduce the abandonment rate.

  • Strategy

    Want to Crush All in Your Path?

    You'll often need more than brute force. Whether you need to stand out in a competitive landscape or tackle issues with engagement and usability, our team provides strategic solutions that deliver results across the board.

    R3's suite of strategic services provides support for new campaigns as well as comprehensive website testing and analytics. We'll support your goals by understanding your business and promoting an iterative approach to drive continuous improvements.

  • Strategic solutions for campaigns, programs and websites

    Our team works with you to develop and test effective campaign messaging design and technology solutions to reach your target audience in any digital setting.

    From our initial discovery sessions to a complete review of your analytics and audience, Our team of experienced designers, marketers and UX developers develop a customized plan with your objectives in mind.

    Both Qualitative and Quantitative aspects are covered in thorough review of your User Experience. The report includes a visual design scorecard, best practices checklist, usability tests, wireframes and heatmaps.



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